The Hot Dam Homes Series

From The Ground Up

Hot Dam Homes Book 1


Always have an exit strategy. That’s how I’ve lived my life for ten years, and so far things are going just fine. I never get into a situation without knowing exactly how and when to get out. I don’t do commitments: not jobs, not social plans, and definitely not relationships. I learned the hard way how bad the alternative can be.


I’ve spent the last five years  running from my loneliness, and I’ve done a damn fine job. Now I’m ready to put down roots and make a home for myself – somewhere other than Hollywood. I think I’ve found the right place, and I thought I found the right person. But I’m not sure I’m ready to burn all my bridges behind me, and I’m afraid that might be the only way I can prove how important he is to me.

From The Ground Up is a steamy M/M romance featuring hurt/comfort and sexual awakening themes. You’ll also find an A-list movie star, a sweet contractor, beautiful homes, loveable family members and of course, a happy ending. Book One of the Hot Dam Homes series. 

When The Walls Come Down

Hot Dam Homes Book 2


It can be hard to connect with people when your brains works differently than most of the world. I’ve never had much luck finding anyone who wanted to stick around once they realized my autism comes with some baggage. But the sexy ER doctor seems to like me because I’m different, not in spite of it. He’s got baggage of his own though, and I’m not sure how we’re going to carry all of it. 


I’m not programmed for love or relationships. A crappy childhood and other trauma taught me to never let anyone get too close, and I’ve never even been tempted to allow anyone past my defenses. My fun side project of renovating an old house seems like a great idea until I realize home renovations are a lot harder than they appear on TV. Things start looking up when I find Dylan and Hot Dam Homes, but I didn’t expect that while he was rebuilding my house, Dylan would be the first person who makes me want to take my walls down. 

Book Cover for When The Walls Come Down by Harper Robson. Shows a handsome, bearded doctor with arms crossed against a backdrop of the Seattle city skyline with an orange sunset.
When The Walls Come Down is a steamy hurt/comfort MM romance. It features an autistic home renovation expert and a doctor scarred by a traumatic childhood. Two people who’ve always been outsiders figuring out how to let each other in.