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Built To Last

Hot Dam Homes – Book Three

Built to Last is Tyler and Sam’s love story. 


If you were to look up the word “average” in the dictionary you’d probably find my picture. Average height, average looks, average smarts: average guy. Of course that’s also code for boring and ordinary. I’ve been a serial dater forever, twisting myself into what I thought they wanted me to be, what I should be, but somehow I’m pushing 40 and still alone.

When I get offered a job in California, I wonder if it’s the universe telling me it’s time to start over. At least I’ll have time to do some thinking while I work on what might be my final job for Hot Dam Homes: renovating a coastal hotel in a beautiful but totally isolated spot on the coast.

Things get a lot more complicated when Tyler, my super-hot but way-too-young-for-me co-worker ends up on the same job. On paper we make no sense together, but my stupid heart won’t let me stop thinking about him. I just don’t know if he’s simply my latest infatuation, or whether I’ve finally found something that might actually last.

Book Cover features a handsome young man staring at the camera wearinga  dark colored tank top in front of a sunset and a forest.

An Unexpected Gift

A Hot Dam Homes Novella


Discovering you’re not as straight as you thought when you’re in your mid-forties is…well… interesting. A one-night-stand over a year ago turned my world upside down, and now I’m ready to explore that side of myself. But no matter who I date, no one compares to him. 


I’m the party guy, always down for a good time with only one rule: I don’t do repeats. I knew right away, though, that one night with Matt would never be enough. But when I woke up, he was gone, and now I can’t get him out of my head.

A 3d mockup imate of the the book  An Unexpected Gift with it's cover still hidden.


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