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The Campbell Family

The Hot Dam Homes series follows the Campbells and their extended family. This big, close-knit family has lived in Washington for several generations.  Linda and Bob Campbell are mom and dad, parents to the three siblings.  Book 1 in the series, From the Ground Up, follows middle-child, Mason as he finds his happily ever after. Book 2, When The Walls Come Down is Dylan’s story and Book 3 (coming in 2023) will follow cousin Sam’s adventures in love.

The series also features several extra stories that follow some side characters, and may give you a peek into how the siblings are doing! A Clean Slate is a free read available for download on the website here. Making Waves is part of the Cruising anthology, which also features stories from eight other fantastic MM romance writers, and An Unexpected Gift is a Christmas-themed novella.


The Siblings

Dylan, Mason & Grace

Dylan is the eldest of Bob and Linda Campbell’s three grown children. He owns a home-renovation company, Hot Dam Homes, where he works with a loveable group of eccentrics. Dylan is autistic and he’s a great role model for how to live a happy life while operating in a world that isn’t built for people who have differently-wired brains.

Mason is the middle child. He’s been working with Dylan at Hot Dam Homes for several years, band loves the salesy, people-oriented parts of the job.  Generally a happy-go-lucky optimist, Mason has been working to get over a toxic relationship for several years.

Grace is the baby of the family, and of the three, is the most settled and stable.  She’s busy with her career as a physical-therapist and has been happily married to Derek McKenzie, a psychologist who works with veterans and at-risk kids, for several years.

The siblings have always been close, and they get together regularly.  Growing up, they were usually joined by their cousin, Sam, on most of their adventures, with other friends and relatives often around.

The group of four can always count on each other to offer support, advice and a healthy dose of “WTF are you doing?” reality when it’s needed.


Friends and Family

Cousins, friends, employees & everyone else

The Campbells have deep roots in the Pacific Northwest.  Linda grew up in a big, Scandinavian fishing family, who are scattered around the Seattle area.  Bob’s family comes from east of the Cascade Mountains, where they have been ranchers, and worked in the forestry industry for many years.  They have extended family all the way up North America’s West Coast  stretching from Northern California to Alaska.

Seattle, Washington

The guys from Hot Dam Homes call Seattle home. Some are born and raised Pacific Northwesterners, and some have found their way to this eclectic part of the world in other ways. They all appreciate gray, rainy days, strong coffee, fresh-caught wild salmon, and grunge music.


The Men of Hot Dam Homes

Hot Dam Homes is a small home renovation company owned by Dylan Campbell, Mason’s older brother. Full of quirky but loveable characters, it’s a place where everyone fits in. From the Ground Up features Mason’s story, and Book 2, When The Walls Come Down, follows Dylan as he finds his unexpected happily ever after. Book 3, coming in 2023, will feature their cousin Sam’s story.

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The Hot Dam Homes Series

It’s about finding someone who knows all your quirks, all your flaws and all the things you wish were different about yourself, and who loves you not in spite of those things, but because of them.

“The hardest challenge is to be yourself in a world where everyone is trying to make you be somebody else.” – EE Cummings

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