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From The Ground Up

Hot Dam Homes Book 1


Always have an exit strategy. That’s how I’ve lived my life for ten years, and so far things are going just fine. I never get into a situation without knowing exactly how and when to get out. I don’t do commitments: not jobs, not social plans, and definitely not relationships. I learned the hard way how bad the alternative can be.


I’ve spent the last five years  running from my loneliness, and I’ve done a damn fine job. Now I’m ready to put down roots and make a home for myself – somewhere other than Hollywood. I think I’ve found the right place, and I thought I found the right person. But I’m not sure I’m ready to burn all my bridges behind me, and I’m afraid that might be the only way I can prove how important he is to me.

From The Ground Up is a steamy M/M romance featuring hurt/comfort and sexual awakening themes. You’ll also find an A-list movie star, a sweet contractor, beautiful homes, loveable family members and of course, a happy ending. Book One of the Hot Dam Homes series.