Book Review: Protection by Kelly Fox

Cover of Protection by Kelly Fox

July 11, 2022

Mobsters & Billionaires Book 2

Protection is the second book in Kelly Fox’s newest series about a group of Billionaires and the Mobsters who love them. I was worried I wouldn’t like the series before Book 1, thinking it would be too dark for me, but boy – was I ever wrong. The characters in both books are impossible to resist. Mads & Anthony’s love story is the center of this second book and I fell promptly in love with both guys right off the bat.

Protection is sweet, and sassy and SO delicious. I think there’s something about Anthony and his protective instincts that resonates with me right now, as our wider world continues to feel like a raging dumpster fire. Imagining this big, scary guy who’s terrifying on the outside, a total marshmallow underneath his armor, but who wouldn’t hesitate for a second to kill anyone who threatens those he loves…  It’s a very comforting thought.

As usual, Kelly Fox’s characters feel so real to me, I want to pick up the phone and call them for dinner, or maybe try to score an invite to their weekly poker game, because I want to get to know them better! As a writer, I want to be Kelly Fox when I grow up. (and we’ll just ignore the fact that I suspect I’m older than Kelly is!!). Anyway, I loved Protection and I can’t wait to see how the next book turns out.

Signature reads Cheers, Harper

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