Harper Robson grew up dreaming of being a writer, but that didn’t work out until she was in her forties.  Along the way she worked in marketing, software development, and spent more than a decade as a stay-home mom.

She grew up in Vancouver, BC, but feels most at home in the leafy green suburbs of Seattle, Washington.

She is mom to two pre-teen boys and two adorable but very naughty Yellow Labs.  Her husband works in the tech industry, and he makes her laugh every day.

A true PNW girl, Harper loves the rain, but is always planning her next beach vacation.

Her favorite things include weekends with her best friends, the Seattle Kraken, her two dogs,  and drinking champagne for no reason at all.

.A Few Fun Facts…

  • I’m a GenXer – latchkey kids FTW
  • I’m Canadian, but home is Seattle’s eastside suburbs, where I lived for more than a decade. I currently live an hour and a half outside Vancouver, BC.
  • Harper Robson is a pen name, I picked it just because I like it.
  • I’ve seen every Seinfeld episode approximately 9873 times.
  • Favorite spots in the world include The Oregon Coast, BC’s Okanagan Valley, Southern California, and pretty much anywhere with a lounge chair, sunshine, a book, and a gin & tonic.