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When The Walls Come Down

Hot Dam Homes – Book Two


“Quirky.” God, I hate that word. The PC term these days is ‘neuro-divergent’, but I prefer to be called autistic. I don’t ever feel ashamed about it; it’s often a huge advantage to have a brain that works differently. But I sometimes wish it was easier to connect with other people.  I usually try to mask the things about my autism that make others uncomfortable, but it gets exhausting. When I start helping the sexy ER doctor with the old house he’s trying to fix-up, I discover someone who appreciates my directness. I actually think Reed likes me because I’m a little different, not in spite of it. But Reed Morrow has a lot of baggage of his own to carry, and I worry that if he sees the parts of me I try so hard to keep under control, he’s going to turn tail and run.




I’ve overcome a lot to get to where I am as an ER doctor: the homophobic church I was raised in, the opioid addiction that followed years of self-loathing, and the stigma of being a recovering addict. I love my team in the ER, but in my personal life I prefer to fly solo. I’m comfortable behind the carefully built walls that no one, not even my best friend, gets through.

The old fixer-upper home in a great neighborhood was supposed to be a side project, but I discovered pretty quickly that home renovations are not as easy as they look on TV. But when one of the sexiest men I’ve ever seen, who also happens to own a renovation company, shows up in my ER, he feels like the solution to all my problems. What I never expected was that while he was re-building my house, Dylan Campbell would be the first person in my life to make me want to take those walls down.


When The Walls Come Down is a steamy hurt/comfort MM Romance. It features an autistic home renovation expert and a doctor who is also a recovering opioid addict. Two people who’ve always been outsiders find they fit in perfectly with each other.

A handsome man with a beard wearing scrubs and a doctor's white coat stands with arms crossed on a peach background with a city skyline


An M/M Anthology

Skimpy swimwear? Check. Shenanigans on the ship? Check. Nine exclusive steamy and sweet mm romance stories? You better believe it!

Cruising is an MM anthology featuring nine brand new, vacation-themed short stories ranging from friends-to-lovers rom coms to steamy billionaires and rockstar spice.

Authors included in the anthology are: L.D. Blakeley, Michaela Cole, Matthew Dante, Jeris Jean, S. Legend, Duckie Mack, Garry Michael, Michael Robert, and Harper Robson.

Book Cover for From The Ground Up by Harper Robson
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A Clean Slate

A Hot Dam Homes Novella


I’ve been dealing with a chronic illness since I was nine years old, and, believe me, it’s a drag. Being a Type 1 diabetic affects every relationship in my life, from my parents all the way through the guys I date. After getting unceremoniously dumped because of it, I’ve decided that romantic relationships aren’t in the cards for me. The last thing I want is to be a burden on anyone. But when my best friend drags me to a weekend memorial for his grandmother and I meet his uncle, I start to wonder if he means it when he tells me I could never be a burden. 


Being a single, gay man in New York city and making a decent living as a writer isn’t a bad gig.  But after the end of a long-term relationship, I’m at a crossroads. I can stay here and continue on with life as I know it, or I can take this opportunity to make a big change and start over in a new place. I’ve spent my entire adult life resisting change, but when I travel across the country for my mother’s memorial weekend, I meet someone who makes me think that jumping in with both feet might not be the worst decision. The problem is, he’s my nephew’s best friend, and he’s half my age. 

A Clean Slate is a steamy, age-gap romance featuring a New York City-based writer and a West Coast PhD student who probably shouldn’t fit together, but somehow they do.


book cover for A Clean Slate by Harper Robson

From The Ground Up

Hot Dam Homes Book One

An A-List movie star looking for a place to put down roots, and a sweet but insecure contractor struggling to put the past behind him.

Book Cover for From The Ground Up by Harper Robson



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